People Stunned by Realtor’s Musical ‘Neverending Property’ Video

A realtor from the United Kingdom has gained viral attention with a one-of-a-kind music video designed to sell a five-bedroom home.

With her own version of Limahl’s “Neverending Story,” Claire Cossey of Just-Knock Estate agents showed potential buyers around the period property in Leighton Buzzard, north of London, while tailoring lyrics to the home.

Using the title “The Neverending Property,” Cossey changed the lyrics to highlight all of the selling points of the house that is on the market for £700,000 ($855,015).

“It isn’t the first one I’ve done, I started doing it a couple of years ago when a property started to struggle and that one went viral in the local area,” Cossey told Newsweek. “Then I started doing them for people that wanted them for fun.”

“This old house, there’s so much here to see, living room all covered with these beams,” sings Cossey before adding notes about the solar panels and dog-grooming business space attached.

Realtor song
Screengrabs from the viral video Claire Cossey created to sell a property in the UK
Claire Cossey, Just Knock Estate Agents

The video captured attention well beyond those searching for a home in the English town after it was shared on Twitter by @SarahDuggers who said: “My god. The video.”

With more than 139,000 views the video was first shared four months ago but has since delighted the internet who offered their thoughts in thousands of tweets.

“Am I wrong for enjoying that?” asked one viewer. “She’s got a great voice.”

Another Twitter user wrote: “I can’t believe I got an earworm from this.”

Others thought that the video might not be such a great indicator of the current housing market in the UK

“Would describe this existence of this video as a Bad Economic Indicator,” said one reply. “No healthy housing market produces this.”

According to the UK’s Government Office of National Statistics (ONS), the average house price in the UK in January 2023 was £290,000 ($354,129)—£17,000 ($20,759) higher than 12 months prior as the market continues to move quickly.

In the US, housing sales appear to be back on the rise ending a month-long slide. Data published by the National Association of Realtors (NAR) reported that existing home sales surged by 14.5 percent in February—the largest monthly percentage increase since July 2020. Still, compared to data from February 2022, existing home sales are down 22.6 percent—a sign that higher mortgage rates and a crisis of affordability are still affecting potential homebuyers, as well as sellers.

Agent Claire Cossey was previously a professional nightclub singer before COVID-19 put a stop to gigs. Admitting that most virtual tours are a little bit boring, he came up with the idea to make this one a little more memorable.

“It’s just a happy nice, completely nuts thing,” said Cossey. “People like that—we’re all living in a very miserable world now and it helps.”

Since the video, the realtors have had some inquiries and hope to show more people the home soon.

“I just… I can’t,” said another viewer of the now-viral video. “Do we all have to do this when we sell our homes now because I’m warning you I can’t sing.”

Another viewer said: “10/10 for effort.”

The five-bedroom property that has gained viral attention isn’t the only house that has been given a touch of magic by Cossey either. Other videos on the agent’s YouTube channel include the “Wing Road Musical” that presents a £290,000 ($354,129) home to a parody of ABBA’s “The Winner Takes It All.”

“I’m kicking myself. I didn’t put a bit more time and effort into this one,” laughed Cossey. “I literally just did it for fun, it wasn’t meant to be seen by hundreds and thousands of people.”