Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf? Apotropaic Marks in the UK

Types of Witch Marks

Apotropaic marks and witch marks come in a number of different forms. They are sometimes very simple, crude and quickly made marks. Sometimes they are more complicated and skillfully made.

The daisy wheel design, often consisting of six petals within a circle, is believed to be one of the most common apotropaic marks in the UK. This type of mark may also be known as a hexafoil.

Double VV marks are also sometimes found. VV stands for ‘virgo virginum’ and represents the Virgin Mary. These kinds of marks may also be known as Marian symbols

Marks which appear to be an intertwined V and M, or A and M, also have a similar meaning.

Witch marks come in the form of crosses. The auseklis cross or auseklis star is one such mark.

Pentagrams, pentacles or star pentagons are also known as apotropaic marks.

Marks may come in the form of a spectacle design. It is thought these were designed to ward off the evil eye.

Concentric circles may also be used for this purpose.

Apotropaic marks also come in the form of maze designs. The idea of ​​using a maze is that it will trap the evil within it.

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