We’re About to Share Which Home Colors Will Sell Your Listings

Color subconsciously plays a significant role in how potential buyers feel walking into a home for the first time. It can easily make or break their view of your house. Naturally, you want the house to look warm and welcoming without being too flashy.

Here’s a round-up of the colors that will sell your listings…

1. Shades of White & Natural Sunlight

Most people like a light-colored space. Whites and creams help make a room appear brighter, especially with natural sunlight streaming through the windows. Light colors can evoke a feeling of new beginnings, freedom and hope.

Bathrooms, bedrooms, and living rooms are great rooms to use whites and creams. Beige, black, gold, and silvers pair well with shades of white. I’d suggest using these colors in furniture, décor, and accessories.


2. Calming Shades of Blue

Blue tones are often connected with the ocean and sky and create a calming experience. The bedroom is the ideal room to use blue in because of its soothing effect on the human soul.

Depending on the feel you want the room to give off, linens and accents can either work in your favor or do the opposite. Be careful not to use too much blue. You can’t go wrong with white or wood furniture. Décor and accessories in metallics are always eye-catching!


3. Always Add Shades of Green

Green hues add a sense of life to a space. Often, we use live or fake plants to add a bit of life to a room. However, a staged home should always have a bit of faux or real greenery.

I recommend softer, more muted shades instead of brighter, vibrant tones on the walls. Most colors in furniture, décor and accessories pair well with green, especially black and white.


4. Warm, Inviting Spaces with a Warm Neutral

The real trick to a warm, welcoming space is a warm gray or light beige to create a sense of security. Neutral colors work fantastically with almost any color of furniture, décor, and accessories it is paired with. Since today’s buyers want to move in ready, you can’t go wrong with either color.

A pop of color is always a good idea, especially in greens or blues. Warmer hues like yellow or orange are great for decor, but not so much on the walls. An added tip, if you’re bringing in a pop of color through the decor, repeat it 3 times.

Have a question about staging your home with color? Ask us in the comments below!

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