This Is the Best Time To List Your Home

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If you’re looking to sell your home, the best time to list is… right now. A recent report found that the best time to list a home in 2023 is April 16 to 22, so if you’ve been hesitating to pull the trigger, you might want to move fast.

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Here’s a closer look at why now is the best time to list your home, plus, how to get your home listing-ready quickly.

Why Mid-April Is the Best Time To Sell

There are four main factors that make April 16 to 22 the best time to sell.

Higher Prices

According to the report, “homes listed during this week have historically had prices 2.1% higher than the average week throughout the year, and are typically 12.1% higher than the start of the year.”

Strong Buyer Demand

Historically, this week has garnered 16.4% more views per listing than the typical week, the analysis found. The more people who view a listing, the more likely it is to get offers — and potentially even spark a bidding war.

Fast-Selling Homes

Because buyer demand tends to be high during this period, homes sell fast during this period as well. The analysis found that homes actively for sale during this week sold 18% faster than the average week.

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Less Competition From Other Sellers

This week tends to have fewer sellers on the market than the average week throughout the year.

“Listing a home for sale in mid-April gives homeowners strong odds of a successful sale in a relatively short amount of time at a good price,” said Danielle Hale, chief economist at “Home listings this week compete with 9% fewer sellers than the typical week in the year, they see 18% shorter time on the market than the average week, and we tend to see 16% more buyers per listed home, based on realtors. com traffic. All of this translates into a higher price than the average week.”

How To Get Your Home Ready To Sell ASAP

To capitalize on this time, sellers need to move fast to get their homes ready to list. While you won’t have time to make any major renovations, there are some things you can do in a short period of time to help your home sell fast and for a good price.

“At the very least, sellers should make sure the house is clean,” Hale said. “Sellers should also declutter and make minor repairs that may have been a nuisance you’ve been willing to put up with. In other words, change the light bulbs and install any fixtures that are missing, clean or touch up the scuffs in the paint, repair leaky faucets and check the caulk in the bathrooms.

“Outside the home is where you make a first-impression for in-person visits, so make sure your lawn is neatly trimmed,” she continued. “It’s also a good idea to touch up exterior caulk and paint, and consider adding some colorful plants to the landscape as a relatively low-budget way of helping your home stand out.”

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