The 2021 Paint Colors Trends clearly reflect what we must look forward to!

What are the 2021 Paint Colors Trends and how will it affect your home staging project?

I’ve been researching and writing a post about this topic for the last 3 years. But, this year, unlike any other, the Trends came out of what our life has been in 2020 and what we’ve got to look forward to in 2021.

The Pantone Color Institute researches the arts, culture, social and economic events to create the color of the year. This year, the Institute selected 2 colors – The Ultimate Gray and the Illuminate (a bright yellow).

2021 paint colors

The words chosen to describe these colors are “STRENGTH” and “OPTIMISM”. These are the qualities which will represent the 2021 Paint color trends.

You can expect to see these colors in everything around you – from the walls and furniture to the decor and accessories.

When I presented these colors in my FB Group, the opinions varied widely, especially on the yellow. 🙂

Yellow isn’t one of my favorite colors, but I think it can really brighten up space if used in moderation. I recently staged an industrial look condo and used the white/black/grey/yellow color scheme to brighten it up.

2021 paint colors

Paint Manufacturers 2021 Paint Colors Trends

Benjamin Moore

The 2021 Benjamin Moore palette is described by the company this way:

“Nourish the spirit with the comforting, sunbaked hues of the Color Trends 2021 palette.

Celebrate the simple pleasures—think the faded rumple of linen sheets in the morning and perfectly ripened fruits on the windowsill. The twelve hues in the palette radiate warmth and wellbeing. These are colors that make your home feel even more like home. Settle in.”

Sherwin Williams

Sherwin Williams selected the Urban Bronze SW7048 as their color of the year. The dark and somewhat moody color might not be for everyone, but it’s certainly a dramatic backdrop to a more masculine look.

2021 paint color trends

“Now, for 2021, a collection of 40 hues across four palettes that celebrate the Rhythm of Color – the balance between fast and slow, quiet and expressive, and virtual and physical. The forecast is designed to bring the pulse of color to any space: Sanctuary, Encounter, Continuum and Tapestry.”

Words for the 2021 Paint Colors are: Tap into nature, warmth, comfort, down-to-earth tranquility

2021 paint color trends


Behr selected “21 Colors TO ELEVATE YOUR COMFORT ZONE

2021 Paint Colors Palette

Words used for their selection are: Neutrals reinvented, earthy yet refined tones…


“The 2021 paint color and design trends reflect on wellbeing, sustainability and human connection. Moving past fear, transcending our limitations and aiming for a more balanced world by connecting with our fellow humans with compassion and kindness.”

2021 Paint Colors

In conclusion, the theme for 2021 Paint Colors is very clear. Everything is centered around home, comfort and warmth. We are moving away from the cool neutrals of past years and returning to warmer, calm and earthy tones.

The Trends are certainly a reflection of the year we’ve lived through and the year of strength, resilience and optimism we must look forward to.

Happy 2021 to all of us!

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