My Stock Report Card for Jan – Mar 2019

My Stock Report Card for Jan – Mar 2019

US Stocks

US Stock - Apr 13, 2019

SG Stocks

SG Stock - 13 Apr 2019

Total Passive Income Collected Between Jan – Mar 2019 : SGD 19,392 ( 4,924 from Dividend, 14,467.38 from Structured Notes)

Total Profit / Loss from Sales of Stocks between Jan – Mar 2019 : -$812 (M1)

Stocks added between Jan – Mar 2019 : None

It has been a roller coaster 4 months. We are back at the all time high range. I am again in this to sell or not to sell mode. Lucky for me, the structured note that I bought last year managed to expire this month without any glitches (A very close shave!!). This structured note experience taught me not to blindly follow yield. The cash that I used for this structured note was meant to pick up bargains during the bear market. Instead, I almost had to pick up equities at a relatively high price due to the structured note equities basket and totally missed picking up bargains during December. A lot of my friends were caught up in the hyflux incident, which once again reminded us to diversify and not let yield cloud judgment.

How was your first quarter?

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