Gregory Tetradis Greger joins the studio

The Family Business is home to eight tattoo artists, all of whom represent very distinct styles ranging from skilled line work by Michele L’abbate to striking geometric patterns by Chisaki, to colourful, contemporary figurative designs by Inma.

Mo Coppoletta, the Godfather of the business, has a design remit that extends beyond tattooing, having produced graphic designs for brands including Rolls Royce, Mont Blanc and Liberty. In his tattoo work, Coppoletta specialises in Oriental styles. “It’s a classic and it never goes in and out of style,” he says. “Symbolism is power.”

For Coppoletta it’s all about the artistry involved in making your body even more beautiful. “I always start from a very decorative point of view: I see a tattoo as a body adornment. I think of the aesthetic more than anything then, of course, every tattoo has its own story, its own meaning, its own reason why. My job is to make my customer’s ideas as beautiful as possible.”

Custom Tattoo Designs.


Custom Tattoo Designs – you dream it, we draw it. A line from the Robert Frost poem “Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening,” this quote hints that the owner of this tattoo intends to live fully before dying.