Estate agent hailed as a ‘modern day hero’ after his inspired way to sell house went viral

A Bedfordshire-based estate agent’s innovative way to sell a house has gone viral.

Claire Cossey, the owner and director of the family-owned estate agency Just-Knock, has recreated the song “NeverEnding Story” by Limahl, and reimagined it into a full-blown music video titled “The Never Ending Property” in a unique marketing technique.

The viral video sees Cossey narrate a tour of the five-bedroom period house – located on Walting Street, Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire – by song.

The song starts with Cossey standing in the living room of the property that is priced at £700,000, singing the lyrics: “This old house / there’s so much here to see,” extending the vowels to mimic the tune of the Limahl song.

Another lyric points out the “air source heat pump fitted / with solar panels too”.

The home is currently used by a small business called Hockliffe Happy Hounds, with one room of the house being converted into a dog grooming parlor.

For this part of the tour, Cossey sings while grooming a white dog: “With its own small business / there is so much you can do.”

Then, for the chorus: “The never ending property,” sings Clossey as she lounges across the sofa.

“Dining room, snug, games room and a kitchen,” she continues.

The viewer is then given a whistlestop tour of each room, before Cossey comes back into the frame to clear up some reservations a potential buyer may have.

She sings: “One more thing, the road is near / Don’t despair / Inside that isn’t clear,” as the camera pans to a person soundly sleeping in a single bed.

“Stranger things have happened / In this spacious master bedroom / The garden is so pretty / With its flowers all in bloom.”

The song ends with the chorus: “The never ending property.”

Cossey owns the estate agency with her partner Tony Bailey.

According to the Just-Knock website, Cossey started her estate agency journey in 2015 to support her singing career.

“This part-time job quickly turned into her full-time passion and she fell in love with all aspects of the role,” it reads. “She went on to be a full time sales negotiator at a local independent estate agent before moving on to a large corporate online agency,” it continues.

“This is where she could see the cracks of unfairness throughout the sales process. In 2020 her and her partner Tony decided to start Just-Knock and give people better options when selling their home.”

Twitter users have been sharing the link to the property’s listing on RightMove, praising Cossey’s artistry and performance in the marketing video.

“I love this woman,” wrote one user, while another called Cossey a “modern day hero”.

Another person added: “From this point on @rightmove should insist that everyone does a musical tour of their house when selling.”

Cossey has a portfolio of musical property marketing videos, with one in the style of the ABBA song “The Winner Takes It All”.

In it, she sings the lyrics: “Nothing much left to say / The price £290k / And you can have it all / This two-bed says it all / The price £290k / I wish that I could stay.”