Brighten new year with color in decor

With a new year comes new trends. And while interior design is more about personal taste and bold creativity, trends are the cornerstones of good design in their own right. They can guide your designs when you don’t feel particularly inspired. And they can inform your choices when all of the options feel like too much.

According to, six paint colors will be influencing 2023’s interior design trends.

Warm greens

For a comforting and natural look, warm green tones are a great way to go.

“Warm greens are welcoming colors that feel rich yet vibrant,” Gena Kirk, vice president of Corporate Design Studio, told “We have seen an increased interest in greens in kitchen spaces as people look to move away from solid white and gray spaces.”


Neutrals never go out of style, so expect earthy tones to remain popular.

“They provide a foundation that you can layer on, change seasonally, and update periodically,” Kirk told “That blank canvas provides a backdrop for homebuyers to envision their own version of the space and how special mementos, heirlooms, and art might make it their own.”

Bolder grays

According to Decorilla lead interior designer Devin Shaffer, bolder gray shades are spreading fast.

“Clients have been bored with the shortlist of grays that builders and paint specialists default to,” he told “Fortunately, more inventive hues continue to pop up.

“This color is perfect for living spaces, entryways, and bedrooms. When used in an entryway, it can help set a welcoming tone. If used in the bedroom, it can evoke feelings of rest and repose. A large portion of our clients mention the words ‘sanctuary’ or ‘retreat’ when describing how they want their home to feel.”

Navy blues

Navy blue offers a safer route for those looking to spice up their living spaces with a bold color. Alex Capozzolo, co-founder of SD House Guys, told that the color has become more popular.

“Navy blue has been steadily increasing in popularity over the past few years and is expected to be a major color trend in 2023,” he said. “Try using it as an accent wall, or pair it with lighter shades of blue for a more subtle effect.”

Understated reds

Subtle reds are back in a big way, Fig Linens and Home’s Carlin van Noppen said.

“Soft, understated reds add a splash of color while retaining the neutral feel of exposed brick,” he told “This means that prospective buyers will be impressed with the put-together look of your space and be able to imagine themselves in it.”

Mustard yellows

For a little extra color in your living space, consider a mustard-yellow.

“Easy-to-work-with mustard tones can find their way into your home naturally,” Robin DeCapua, owner and designer at Madison Modern Home, told