3 Reasons Why Staging Your Vacant Listing is Smart

While you may think that an empty space looks bigger, that’s not always the case. In fact, an empty room really appears smaller. It’s easy to think that the buyer can use their imagination, but when 90% of people can’t see beyond what they’re presented with, it’s vital to paint that picture for them. I’m sharing 3 reasons why staging a vacant home is always a smart decision.

1. A Staged Home Establishes an Accurate Price Point


Staging is important for establishing the home’s price point. Empty rooms rarely feel worthy of a high price point, while rooms with luxurious yet comfortable furnishings will. It’s your goal to make the house look as good as possible for the listed price range.

2. Staging Lets Potential Buyers Easily Visualize Life There


90% of potential buyers cannot imagine their lifestyle in a vacant home. Empty rooms don’t speak to buyers, but staging rooms attract buyers to the home and neighborhood, and they can visualize where they would put things if they lived there.

3. Staging Puts the Focus Where You Want It


A vacant home makes flaws become more visible. For example, awkward room shapes or low ceilings stand out. The right furnishings can be used to make these drawbacks seem to disappear. The more you highlight the room, the less focus is on the flaws, and the less bargaining power you give to the buyer.

Staging a vacant property is always worth the investment…and you’ll see that reflected in the sale price. If you have questions, we’d love to help. Book a call today!

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